Red Stag Hunting

The Best Of New Zealand’s Red Stag Trophy Hunts For 2019.

New Zealand’s Finest Entry level Red Stag Trophy Hunt 325 Class.
This is an all-inclusive five days - four nights Red Stag trophy hunt that will see you secure a beautiful Red Stag trophy up-to 325 class.
12 – 16 points plus, good length / spread with a nice royal crown top are all key features looked for in this classic New Zealand Red Stag trophy hunt.

New Zealand Red Stag Trophy Hunt Silver Class.
This is an all-inclusive five days – four nights Red Stag trophy hunt.
Silver class Red Stag Hunts are New Zealand’s primary trophy hunts, a noticeable heaviness in antler characters is seen in the Silver class, extra length in the Brow, Bey and Trey Tines, extra points from the crown along with good length and spread, these stunning big trophies start showing unique characteristics as they push up into the high silvers. Your professional guide will work closely with you as you stalk through these picturesque hunting grounds.

New Zealand Gold Class Red Stag Trophy Hunts.
This is an all-inclusive five days – four nights Red Stag trophy hunt.
New Zealand is well known in producing heavy antlered Red Stags, these exceptional big trophies carry an unbelievable amount of antler mass and the characters shown by these magnificent trophies are truly unique to New Zealand’s Red Stag herds. Such supreme trophies will have you in awe as your optics focus in on their grand presence, body size, substantial antler length and spread, thickness of beams and leading tines, side kickers, basal snags, droppers, droppers off crowns and so on all give that extra character and SCI scores placing these beautiful trophies in their Gold and Gold Elite Classes.

About Our Red Stag Trophy Hunts.
New Zealand’s prized Heavy antlered Red Stags. High numbers of super-sized Red Stags in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Elite categories are all located in this prime trophy hunting region. This unique hunting Ranch offers some of New Zealand’s finest big Red Stag trophies and the hunting territories you will be stalking in are scenically beautiful in every form. Let our hard-working professional team host and guide you on your New Zealand hunting adventure. This hunting Ranch is truly one of New Zealand’s finest, it not only offers high numbers of super-sized Red Stags but also has magnificent Bull Tahr, Chamois Arapawa Rams and some stunningly big Fallow Bucks all in the one location and for those who enjoy fishing and as time allows after your hunt you may wish to experience a little flyfishing for some beautiful big Brown and Rainbow trout in the clear head-water streams located on the outer boundaries of the hunting Ranch. 

Hunting Season for New Zealand's Red Stag.
Peak Season for hunting the Red Stag starts at the end of Velveting in early to late February, from this time on stags will start to rub off left over velvet and polish up points in readiness for the oncoming mating season of March- April. Early season is a great time for our Archery/Bow hunters as the Red Stags tend to hold up a little longer in there daytime bedding areas making for prime stalk-in hunts, as March creeps on you will find the Stags tend drift around more marking there territory and looking for hind groups, this is now prime time for all hunters and with the first of our chilled Autumn mornings Mating calls start to sound out. 

Red deer were liberated in New Zealand in the 1850’s and early 1900’s. They were mostly of British/European stock and are now the most wide spread of all deer species found in New Zealand.