Red Stag Hunting

New Zealand is well known for producing very heavy antlered Red Stags, these exceptional trophies offer a huge variety in antler mass, starting from the entry level symmetrical smaller trophies on up to supreme typical and non-typical antler characters. Most Red Stags offer a real uniqueness about them, length, spreads, tines, points etc. which all start putting them into their SCI categories. Side kickers, basal snags, droppers, droppers off crowns and so on all give that little extra character for those looking for a real unique Red Stag trophy.

Red deer were imported to New Zealand in the 1850’s and early 1900’s. They were mostly of British/Europe stock and are now the most wide spread of all deer species found in New Zealand. New Zealand has a well urned reputation for leading the world in producing an internationally acclaimed Red Deer Stud. Producing world class Genetics for trophy’s and thus resulting in some unbelievable top world trophy’s taken each hunting season. Their hard antler mass that continues to improve every year is a tribute to those who spend time perfecting their genetics and blood lines.

In the rut the red stag lets out a deep roaring sound that will make the hairs on your back stand up, early morning and late evening is when they tend to be most vocal, cool frosty still conditions are their preferred roaring environment’s. The red stag can be very cunning in the roar and they have a ghostly ability of just appearing from scrub and woodlands without much movement. The monarch stags tend to hold a harem of hinds/female deer and they will soon let out a bark if they sight or smell you, so the hunter must have his wits about him for any sudden wind changes and of course the more your outfit blends into the surrounding’s the less likely hood of being sighted by both stag and hinds.