Himalayan Tahr

Next is the Bull Tahr, of which New Zealand is regarded as the only place you can really successfully hunt these kings of the alpine meadows and surrounding mountains. Their trophy status is due to two contributing factors, Horn length and their incredible big winter coats. These trophies will grow on you as you admire them through your optics. New Zealand boast’s an amazing healthy population of trophy Bulls and there is plenty of hunting opportunities to secure these much sort after animals. We have a very high success rate for this trophy hunt and cater to everyone’s ability.

The Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) is one of New Zealand’s most sort after trophy animals by International trophy hunters. It’s also one of the more technical trophy animals to secure as they generally live in the remotest parts of New Zealand’s South Islands main mountain divide known as the Southern Alps. They where liberated in New Zealand’s Mount Cook National Park in 1904 and have now spread in good numbers to surrounding river and valley systems located both to the South and North of there original liberation point.

You can hunt Tahr all year round in New Zealand but the best time to hunt the bull Tahr is April-August and around the Rut/Mating time which takes place in the first months of New Zealand’s winter May and tapering off into July. Hunting the Bull Tahr at this time has two distinct advantages and that is when you locate a good nanny/female group generally there will be bulls competing for the mating rights and the second is the Bull Tahr is well known for having a amazing shaggy coat this helps for the colder months and is a key component of his appearance in his mating rituals, so it is this along with his horn size that gives us an indication of his Trophy statice, the bull Tahr coat looks like no other in the animal kingdom,a lion like appearance with heavy horn curving back into his shaggy main it is truly a sight to behold.

The mountain and meadow preserves we hunt for the Tahr are truly magnificent in every form, the rich golden snow grass and sub alpine scrub that lines these basins and hills makes for stunning back drops amongst the snow capped mountain peaks. We are fortunate to have available to us some of New Zealand’s best high country and foot hill Stations, Estates and preserves for our Bull Tahr Hunts.