Booking Notes


Once all points of your trophy hunt with Glendeer are planned out-

fine-tuned, finalized and you are ready to confirm your hunt it is at this time we will require a deposit.First all logistics of your hunt are confirmed correct, dates, hunters, trophies requirements etc. Your deposit will confirm to you your hunt and hunting dates with us and to us that the hunter/hunters are coming. Our Trophy hunting contract is as straightforward, clearly expressed, uncomplicated as we can possibly keep it, all the what-ifs are clearly out lined and answered. 

Organizing/planning of your Trophy hunt to New Zealand.

If this is your first time to New Zealand, then be assured we will help you with any required travel planning, itinerary needs and or tour requirements. It is at this time we will send out our QA/FAQ'S and information which covers all the questions regularly asked by our inbound clients. This information covers such things as arrival points, transfers, importing riffles and bows, taxidermy, taxidermy export information, temperatures, clothing suggestions, etc.

Our service to our clients extends well beyond our trophy hunts, we know all too well that coming out to New Zealand will or may have a number of unknown elements to some clients and this is where our high level of expertise in our each and individual fields will help put your mind at rest, there is a good amount of detail that goes into each and every hunt, the logistics will be well discussed. At any time you wish to talk over matters by e-mail or phone call then please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

*All deposits/payments are Non-Refundable but maybe transferable to another hunter or alternative dates up to the end of the following hunting season.