About Us

Introducing Paul & Jude McLauchlan, Owners, Host and Head Guide of Glendeer Trophy Hunting New Zealand.

The hard-working team at Glendeer trophy hunting holds a well-earned reputation in producing a first-class trophy hunting experience in   New Zealand.
The commitment and detail that goes into every hunt reflects the true level of passion that the Glendeer team has to all clients.

Head guide, host and outfitter Paul McLauchlan has a long-standing history of excellence in the guiding industry of New Zealand’s Centrale South Island. 

Jude has over 15 years as a front-line travel consultant and has won multiple awards, she is now away from the travel consultant service and her time is dedicated to the clients. Jude’s experience and expertise in helping piece together your trophy hunting itinerary to New Zealand will see you assured and confident that all requirements are well thought of and well planed out.

We both pride ourselves on a high level of client service, it is this combination of our individual areas of expertise that insures a well-planned and executed trophy hunt will be experienced.

New Zealand holds a high reputation in producing oversized heavy antlered Red Stag trophy’s. These exceptional Red Stag genetics has cemented New Zealand’s name as the worlds leading destination for the Red Stag Trophy hunter. High numbers of supersized trophy game in all Classes - Bronze, Silver, Golds, Gold Elite insures to the hunter the opportunity in securing their Red Stag trophy of a lifetime now becomes a reality. Professional hard-working guides, New Zealand’s best and highly recognized trophy hunting locations, exceptional accommodation lodgings, these top key factors combined with a great host, spectacular untouched environment of which to hunt truly sets the scene for a trophy hunt of a lifetime.

High numbers heavy antlered Red Stags, Majestic Big Bull Tahr, Huge Fallow Deer Bucks, Beautiful Chamois Bucks, exceptional Elk trophies, over - sized Brown and Rainbow Trout all in the one location this is truly a sportspersons paradise. 


Welcome to Glendeer trophy hunting New Zealand
With Paul & Judith McLauchlan host, guide, outfitters.

Please note, we cover a lot of frequently asked questions in Glendeer trophy hunting QA/ FAQ'S and information, this will be sent out on request.