About Us

Introducing Paul, Jude McLauchlan, owners/operators of Glendeer Trophy Hunting Guides New Zealand.

Paul has a long standing history in the guiding industry with a well-earned record of honesty and integrity, while Jude has over 15 years as a front line travel consultant and has won multiple awards, she is away from the travel consultant service now and her time is now dedicated to our clients. Jude’s experience and expertise in arranging all aspects of our hunting tours, accommodation, travel requirements, will see you confident of all aspects of your hunting holiday with us. We both pride ourselves on a high level of customer service, it is this combination of our individual areas of expertise that insures a well-planned and executed tour will be experienced.

New Zealand has a very high reputation for trophy game hunting and very recognized for producing world class records for trophy Red Stags, Bull Tahr, Chamois and Fallow Bucks’. The high country estates and preserves we hunt on are spectacular in every form and are without doubt New Zealand's finest, our professional management and hardworking team pay close attention to their work and all details, we are extremely passionate about our trophy hunting, and the locations we hunt, sharing this all with our clients is our reward.

Long time experience in the Guiding Industry
World class, record book trophies
New Zealand's best Estates and High Country free range preserves
Professional accredited Guides with a genuine ability to connect with clients
Flexibility in all tour aspects as/if required
We extend a very warm welcome to all our hunting and non-hunting guests.

Please note, we cover a lot of frequently asked questions in Glendeer trophy hunting FAQ notes.