Welcome to Glendeer Trophy Hunting New Zealand

Hunting New Zealand’s magnificent Trophy Red Stag and majestic Bull Tahr

With Paul McLauchlan host, guide, outfitter and owner of Glendeer Trophy Hunting New Zealand 

Hunting New Zealand’s heavy antlered Big Trophy Red Stags and majestic Bull Tahr, it is without doubt the combination of these two magnificent trophy game species that sees New Zealand as a prime hunting destination for all keen trophy hunters alike. The reputation New Zealand holds in producing super-sized hard antler Red Stags is supreme, this accompanied by our magnificent Big Bull Tahr of which New Zealand boast one of the worlds healthiest populations truly sets the scenes for some sensational trophy opportunities. 

Authentic fair chase hunts for Heavy Antlered Red Stags, Bull Tahr along with Fallow Bucks, and Chamois, surrounded by stunningly beautiful scenic backdrops, guided by a professional hard working team, this is our business and we do it very well. Our genuine commitment to all clients is to exceed all expectations we want to insure that you had a fantastic time whilst in our care.

New Zealand is without doubt one of the world’s leading if not top, trophy hunting destinations. For those of you that have visited our slice of paradise for either hunting/fishing, work or holiday purposes, will know that our genuine ability to connect with all people/clients and extend a very warm welcome in a safe environment is truly second to none. Now add these key aspects and combine them to our exceptional trophy game species, stunning scenic hunting preserves, accredited professional guides and we have set the foundations for a trophy hunt of a lifetime, New Zealand is a hunter friendly destination. 

The combination of all key relevant factors will insure your time with us is extremely enjoyable and ultimately successful, great host, professional approachable guides, lodgings to suit your needs, great trophy variety and opportunities we have a very high success rate, let us put together a complete New Zealand hunting package tailored to suit your individual needs or simply chose from one of our popular package options. 

Please visit the below game hunting prices for complete package options and pricing or contact us for your specific hunt and trophy game price options.